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Commercial Development

PKA has provided structural engineering for numerous commercial buildings, including office and retail buildings. Working closely with the developer, architect, contractor and the other consultants, PKA evaluates and develops structural systems to meet the particular needs of each project.

During schematic design, PKA will review available geotechnical information and make recommendations for additional geotechnical investigations, if necessary;  coordinate with the geotechnical engineer regaring foundation design; evaluate alternative structural systems and recommend structural systems for gravity and lateral loads for the project based on construction cost, constructability and serviceability; assist the architect with the development of column layouts; perform calculations to determine structural depth of the floors and roof; and, in coordination with the architect and mechanical and electrical engineers, determine the floor to floor and floor to roof heights.

During the design development phase, PKA will design the building structural systems and prepare design development structural drawings. Design development drawings generally consist of framing and foundation plans without construction details.  Wall sections will be developed to establish the relationships between column centerlines and face of the cladding system; coordinate the roof drainage and method of slope; size and layout of mechanical equipment; location of major chases; location of stair and elevators; and location of primary lateral load resisting elements, such as moment frames, braced frames and/or shear walls.

During the construction documents phase, PKA will prepare the final structural drawings, including all plans, sections, details, elevations and schedules and the technical specifications necessary for construction.

Notable projects include: