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Industrial Facilities

Modern industrial buildings, from advanced technology manufacturing to petrochemical plants, must be designed with consideration for process piping, control/monitoring system wiring and cabling, heating, cooling and power related equipment loads as well as conduits and ductwork.  Often, the buildings require design to meet the requirements of hazardous materials, including structural separations and secondary containment.

Vibrations, particularly in advanced technology facilities, are often a primary design consideration. Protecting building occupants from unpleasant sensations due to structural vibration and movement becomes secondary to the need to protect the manufacturing process and the manufactured product from damaging movements that can interfere with product quality and yield.

Flexibility, with regard to the modification of uses and process layout, must be taken into account.  Column grids and floor systems must be provided to allow for changes in manufacturing technology or building function.  Both immediate and proposed future loads must be considered.

The building must, of course, fit into its physical environment to provide a pleasant and attractive working environment for its occupants.

PKA has design and construction experience with a wide variety of structural systems in the industrial environment.  Our experience permits the evaluation, analysis and selection of structural systems to best meet the particular needs of each project.